Monday, April 1, 2013

Special Report: TimesDaily Has Interesting Article

Today the TimesDaily, sometimes known as the TotallyDecatur, published an extremely interesting and relevant article. The story was even more special to Shoals readers since it contained a dollop of local history.

The TD recruited yours truly, O.B., Steve & Sheri Wiggins, Mary Carton, Trader, Firenze, and the Brown Recluse, among others, to add their unique insights to the piece.

Yes, gentle readers, a friend dared us to come up with an April Fool for that would be so transparent no reader would take it seriously...

The Staff at Shoalanda Speaks


  1. They really did contact me. They want me to do a regular Saturday blog.

    1. I wouldn't do it for free. But that is cool. You'll do a great job. I like what you're doing now with the alphabet.

    2. lol TD didn't ask me! That was my one and only April Fool's joke.

      You should join in on the alphabet!

  2. You have to wonder if the Times Daily really cares about its readers or just how much advertising it can sell.