Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vicious Tweets/Whiskey River Kings

Approximately two days ago, almost all local high schools experienced what has to have been a synchronized Twitter attack by unknown individuals. Some of those who tweeted hurtful and libelous remarks posed as teachers.

There is no excuse for this. If students are so busy putting others down, they obviously are not using their time to bring themselves up. One mother expressed to us that these young high school students aren't ready to have a Twitter account. From reading tweets from around the world over the years, it appears this is true of many adults also.

Parents, check what your darlings are doing. You'll either breathe a sigh of relief or start planning a trip to the woodshed. If any readers have more information on this bullying at Cherokee and Sheffield in Colbert and in almost every Lauderdale County school, please come forward and talk to the school administration about it.


Terry Wayne Myers remains at large. It seems that while the night shift at the Lauderdale County Detention Center was aware of his escape, the word was not passed to Sheriff Willis or deputies on the day shift. Obviously, precious time was lost.

Two factors come into play: It was a state holiday and the detention center director and the sheriff are not bosom buddies. While we welcome the good sheriff's statement concerning this, it would seem he has never made any effort to mend any breaches his previous behavior may have caused.


The Whiskey River Kings are in a tight contest to win a spot at Bonnaroo. This group is managed by our friend from Belgreen Cops, Daniel Horton. There's now less than two days left in the contest, so please register and vote to send this great band to Bonnaroo.


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