Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lies in Moulton?/Dead in 16 Years?

Lawrence County District Attorney Errek Jett says he never got a copy of a suspect's statement in the Bailey and Betty Nichols murder investigation. County investigator Tim McWhorter says he sent it to Jett. Is one of them lying?

It's possible the statement was mislaid by an office worker. We've read statistics that even in the best run offices, at least 2% of all documents are misfiled/mishandled. No matter the truth, the public deserves some answers...especially if there should be a re-trial for Sheffield businessman Charles Moore.

We'll add that while this alleged misconduct occurred in a case where there was overwhelming evidence of the defendant's guilt, what if such a ploy had been used to convict an innocent individual?


D.K. reports that the Nichols' grandson from Montgomery was able to attend Moore's sentencing. The young man spoke at the hearing and forgave Charles Moore for the murder. We call that a remarkable human being.

It seems the closeness of the Nichols family was the main factor in the early arrest of Moore. Not just one, but at least three of the Nichols family knew the couple would be meeting with Moore the morning of the murders.


The sanctioned Lawrence County District Attorney's office stated they felt Charles Moore would die in prison before being executed if he should have been given a death sentence. That's a very telling statement.

The average length of appeals in death sentence cases is just under 16 years. Therefore we assume these officers of the court believe Moore will die before reaching the age of 81. We have no idea what condition Moore's health is in, but somehow the prosecutors' statements don't make us feel too good about the condition of health care in Alabama prisons. (No, we don't particularly care about Moore; we do care for those convicted of non-violent crimes.)


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