Friday, April 5, 2013

April Should Be Designated Murder Month

We can't recall a time when more murder cases have been on the docket than this April. In Franklin County, the Felony Murder trial of Hershel Dale Graham continues with closing arguments scheduled on Monday. As with the case of Joel Moyers in Limestone County, public opinion is hotly divided on Graham's innocence or guilt.

No one can predict what a jury will do, but according to those present at the Graham trial, District Attorney Joey Rushing has presented an excellent case against the rotund retired wrestler who claims to have felt so threatened by an unarmed man.

The Capital Murder trial of Charles Moore will get under way in Lawrence County on Monday. Moore is accused of murdering Bailey and Betty Nichols to whom he owned money.

What may be considered the Shoals trial of the 21st century in Colbert County will also get under way next week. Ronald Weems faces a Felony Murder charge in the death and dismemberment of his former sister-in-law Amanda Taylor. Jury selection will begin on Monday April 8th.


A few have maintained the right to kill an unarmed person who is impaired and behaving in what could be considered a threatening manner. While we don't believe David Andrasik behaved in a threatening manner, at least according to reliable witnesses not a part of the Graham clan, it's an interesting point.

If that should become a legal precedent, expect to see many more shootings at auto accidents. Just a thought...


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