Friday, April 19, 2013

Where is Laurel Pruett's Money?

We've seen the question asked on Facebook, and now we ask it also. In October 2011, Laurel Pruett received almost 11K in back child support in the form of a check mailed from Montgomery. When it arrived at her previous address, a home she had shared with Ron Wikkid Weems and his mother Laquania Weems, Ron appropriated the check with the assistance of his future victim Amanda Taylor. It's been reported that Amanda probably took no more than 2K in order to pay some fines, allowing her to be free to move to Arkansas with her children.

What happened to the remaining 8K? Weems had no mortgage or student loans. He may have had an auto loan on what he called his wikkedmobile (don't you know his mother was proud of him). How easy would it have been for Ron to have spent the 8K in the two months before his arrest?

Drugs aren't cheap, neither are tats or props that go with a life of cosplay. It's certainly possible Weems spent the entire amount. It's also possible the remainder of the money remains in his family--with the one Moss Avenue resident who wasn't charged.

It seems Pruett was also sent a replacement check once the original was reported stolen. So perhaps we're looking at close to 20K that may be in the hands of one for whom it was never intended--a very good motive to assist in helping with a cover-up. Yet an innocent child still lives with this person. DHR has so far not acted on allegations of abuse. Perhaps because she has no money to filter through the court systems? How sad for the child.



  1. This is the question that I have been asking. "Where's The Money"?
    It is my belief that someone within their circle of friends is stashing the money. I have no proof,but just a gut feeling. It is also my belief that Pruitt was in on the crime from the very beginning. From the so called stealing of the check. Statements were made that Weems tried to enlist the help of Greenhill before approaching Amanda. Pruitt told me herself in a private conversation on FB that she "knew" of another false ID being made for someone else. This after I was hounding them about their computer and what may be on it,because Amanda did not have the means of getting or paying for them herself. She also made statements on her FB page that the only reason that she moved out of Ron's house, was to satisfy DHR in her attemps to get assistance from them.
    Geenhill and Amanda were targeted for their assistance because both of them had felony records and they could easily take the fall because of their past. After all,, Who would take the word of a known felon over someone with NO record at all? Not even a speeding ticket. And as far as Amanda's murder, Who would care enough to look for a missing felon? Well I did, and her family and friends did.
    I have from the beginning have been searching for the truth. ALL of it. I believe there is still MORE truth to come. Just wait and see.
    My name is Billy Leeth. The father of Amanda Taylor and I will not rest till I am satisfied that the whole truth is known. If ANYBODY knows ANY information about this, PLEASE contact Craig Rickman of the Muscle Shoals Police Dept

  2. It was not a "back child support check"