Sunday, April 14, 2013

Charles Moore Trial--Long Time Coming

The Charles Moore trial is the third local murder trial this month. Unlike the Leeth and Andrasik families who waited 17 months for some semblance of justice in the murders of their respective daughter and husband, the family of Bailey and Betty Nichols has been waiting over three years. The trial is also different since Moore is charged in a capital case, as well as the fact a defense attorney left the case, causing an extended delay.

D.K. has been present in the newly remodeled Lawrence County courtroom where the trial will now be entering its second week. Jury selection required three days in itself. It has been one of the most tedious trials in the area in years. The prosecution has stated there will absolutely no minor errors that could lead to any reversals on appeal. If convicted of Capital Murder, Moore will be entitled to an automatic appeal.

The trial was also interrupted abruptly on Thursday afternoon when the judge dismissed early due to possible bad weather. The prosecution now plans to call witnesses through Tuesday, probably into Wednesday. This promises to be the longest murder trial in recent history for Lawrence County.

According to D.K., the Nichols family has wide support, and the courtroom has been packed each day. Our sympathies to the family in the loss of parents who only contributed to the community in a positive manner.


Rumors are rife in Franklin County that members of the Hershel Graham family plan some sort of protest, perhaps violent in nature, during the May sentencing of Hershel for the shooting of David Andrasik. This from a family that had supporters from those who saw the murder as simply self-defense. Franklin County law enforcement is prepared to quickly quash any violent outbursts from the Grahams. David's family is hoping for a sentence of 20 years.


Speaking of rumors, there's talk of a lawsuit against two or three local bloggers who have accused several individuals of sexual impropriety and criminal acts, among other things. We've heard this talk before, and have even been asked to participate; however, it seems now someone has actually put up the money for the suit. We look forward to whatever justice such a suit will bring.



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