Sunday, April 7, 2013

Was Murdered Family Shot?

Last week the state fire marshal's office announced a recent fatal Central fire was arson. The blaze that supposedly killed three members of the Brewer family had been set using an accelerant. Pictured at left is Bradley Adams, the nephew who died that night.

Now a source in the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office has indicated all three were shot before the fire was set. Reportedly there are suspects in the case, and an announcement is forthcoming.


From Bottom Left: Fox, Pruett, Greenhill

Laurel Pruitt and Matthew Fox could be free within a matter of weeks. Last week the duo pleaded guilty to charges of hindering prosecution and desecration of a corpse. The maximum sentence for these charges is 10 years...120 months.

The sentence is eligible for CIT, meaning the actual maximum time is around 40 months. Parole dates are usually set after the offender has served one-third of their time--a little over 13 months in this case. Both Pruett and Fox have already been incarcerated for approximately 16 months. One possibility is that the judge will announce a split sentence allowing the pair immediate freedom, but ensuring they serve at least three years on probation.

Ashley Greenhill was not arrested with Pruett and Fox. She also had quite a record unlike the other two. We're not sure how a Colbert County judge will handle her sentencing, but we hope she can in some way be made to serve at least a longer probationary period.


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