Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trials & Revelations

 Ron Wikkid & ChubbyLette

For some time we have heard a stolen check precipitated the argument between Ronald Weems and his victim Amanda Taylor. We had been told the amount and that it was intended as some sort of support for Pandora Pruett, daughter of Laurel Pruett and Weems.

Since the amount of the check was always said to be over 10K, we found it hard to believe, but our sources seem to have been correct. We still do not know which state agency initiated this check or for what purpose. What we do now know is that Ron Wikkid Weems stole from his own child. The theft was not even a spur of the moment type crime but one that was carefully planned and executed.

We also know Weems was attempting to wrest custody from Pruett, as evidenced by e-mails between him and a legal group. Somehow Ron Weems' idea of love for a child isn't ours.

Will his defense play? Not to anyone with an IQ over 12. So much for Ron's new persona after his baptism.


D. K. is attending the Charles Moore Capital Murder trial in Moulton where jury selection continued today. We'll be having reports from him throughout the trial.


According to Lauderdale District Attorney Chris Connolly, the Brewer family was not shot before their deaths in a house fire last month. We have not been able to contact our source in the sheriff's department, but are happy to make this correction. We sincerely hope the deputy is correct in his belief that arrests are on the horizon.


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