Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big Fail for Lawrence County DA/VOCAL Vigil

D.A. Errek P. Jett
From all reports, the case against Charles Moore is a slam dunk. The same reports have stated the prosecution has made every effort to ensure any appeals will be limited if/when Moore should be convicted of the murders of Bailey and Betty Nichols.

Yet today a judge in the case sanctioned D.A. Errek P. Jett for failing to provide the defense team with information relating to a second suspect in the double murder. The defense at worst would have used the second suspect as a red herring; the evidence against Sheffield businessman Moore is so overwhelming that only a miracle could prevent a conviction.

While an appeal is automatic in a Capital Murder case, the prosecution has now given Moore's attorneys grounds for an appeals court ordered second trial. Lawrence County taxpayers should be upset...very upset.


From D.K.:

On Friday night, the local VOCAL chapter, in partnership with Safeplace and Rape Response, will host a Celebration of Life, which will kickoff the National Crime Victims Rights Week, April 21-27. The event will be Friday beginning at 5:00 p.m. in the gym at First United Methodist Church on Tuscaloosa Street in Florence. At 7:30 p.m. the event will shift across the street to Wilson Park for a balloon release and candlelight vigil.


Equivocal words? Several sources have been criticized for not calling ricin, a deadly poison in gas form or if otherwise inhaled, by its name. In other words, the material sent to several federal officials was nothing short of ricin and should be identified as such.

So...down with equivocal words in the news. How about "undocumented immigrant" goes next?


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  1. Undocumented Immigrants was tossed along time ago. They are now referred to as registered democrats.