Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Angel Gieske Comedy Show - Part II

Gieske's Impersonation Was Exposed on the Stand
As one side in the court case took care to refer to Angel Gieske as "Doctor," the opposing side took equal care to address her as "Ms." Gieske contended she didn't know why a university she claimed as an alma mater would deny her. The attorney who cross-examined Gieske then began a second assault.

Geiske admitted she has absolutely no counseling certification in either Alabama or Tennessee (Gieske is certified in Tennessee to teach in public schools...and to drive a vehicle). The Lawrence County woman, who claimed a PhD from 2003, had been disciplined by the Tennessee Department of Health and Board of Psychologists for practicing counseling without a license in 2005. Was she now committing the same fraud in Alabama?

Gieske answered that at that time she worked for Family System Services. Gieske further stated that the company presented her as a psychologist rather than a behavioral analyst; thus the reprimand. She indicated she was unaware of the misnomer used by the company, but felt she should take responsibility for it.

Now, this is interesting. Gieske comes across as rather noble in this statement, but is it true? We don't know how long this "misrepresentation" continued or how much Angel Gieske may have known of it. What we do know is that Gieske avoided more serious legal problems by paying a $9,050.00 fine.

That would be the point noble stopped for many of us. If we work for a company that describes us as something we aren't, are we willing to take responsibility to the point of paying a 9K fine? Between the fine and the 24 or so 3K a course classes Gieske claims she has taken for a PhD, this woman seems to have a great deal of money to throw around.

Further, after being reprimanded in Tennessee where she is not allowed to work as either a psychologist of a behavioral analyst, we would expect Gieske to have her degrees and transcripts readily available to any who questioned her in Alabama. Such was not the case.

Gieske was questioned for hours on various topics in this particular case. Charges have been filed here in Alabama, but as far as we know, she still works with DHR as a contract employee in charge of drug testing. This imbroglio is ongoing, and we'll continue to have updates.

Editor's note: The graphic used to illustrate an impostor in today's blog is a stock image. We are in no way maligning the kitty's character by actually comparing him to Angel Gieske.


Will we the taxpayers ultimately foot the bill if DHR is made to repay any salary it's paid Angel Gieske for work performed using its vendor number? Yes. Obviously if Medicaid does decide to recoup its payments to DHR, the Department of Human Resources will be required to repay the federal agency and use money from the state's general fund to do so. The fact that this is ongoing is particularly troublesome. Every Alabama taxpayer should demand answers.


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  1. I have tried to read these articles on Angel Gieske thoroughly. No where have I read how she got the job. Perhaps I missed it. It would be my guess, based on the usual way of doing things in Alabama, she got it through political connections, or she is somebody's girlfriend. If that is not the case, she could have gotten it due to the incompetency of agency employees. Having worked for federal contractors for many years, I had plenty of experience with incompetent employees who did not care because they knew they were not going to be fired.