Thursday, April 25, 2013

You Scream, I Scream...and More

We say kudos and plenty of them to the new Shoals marketplace soon to be located on Court Street. While the TimesDaily article didn't state it, our friend Trevor Stokes tells us it's to be at 218 North Court. We're also informed that Reese Shirey, called a "she" in the article, is indeed male and part of a trio of brothers who hope to promote their own brand of ice cream. Reese lives in Muscle Shoals while his two brothers live in other parts of Alabama.

The owner of the Shoals Marketplace has specifically mentioned seeking college age and thirty-something customers. We have to ask if we can see 40 in the highway of the rear view mirror...are we still welcome? Just try keeping us away from great ice cream...


Trevor also mentioned the Shoals area as being "picky" retail wise. We're not so sure picky is the best term. We once heard a Muscle Shoals librarian say the hamburgers at Backyard Burgers were too expensive. It's a sad commentary on Shoals wages, but we have few to blame but ourselves if we're not rolling in the dough. Think we're joking? Listen carefully and see how long it takes to hear some Shoals resident say: We ain't got no good jobs here.


Many years ago when jobs were sparse for some here and plentiful in Detroit, several Shoals residents moved to that northern city. So many, in fact, that they started the Florence, Alabama Club. We thought of that recently when we noticed how many friends we have on Facebook who are living in Tuscon and the surrounding areas. At least it's warm there.


From D.K.:

I have attended about 32 or more trials, Capital Murder, (Felony) Murder & Manslaughter. Yes there was a terrible mistake made, I truly feel an honest mistake and hopefully a lesson was learned! Mr. McWhorter I felt was very well prepared and did a good job after 3 and a half years of waiting, with hundreds of pages of paper work, he handled himself very well under cross examination, from two very good defense attorneys. Lawrence County should be proud of him.

I would like to see Mr. McWhorter use a video system and a recording device that he knew would operate during any interview. The one used was the ABI's and it stopped or would pause as the interview was going on. Most all the others do the video as well the recording.

The Judge stated he did not feel in this case, because it was the defense attorney who was the one questioning Mr. McWhorter, and after reviewing the transcripts he didn't think it hurt or helped either side. Now if the court of appeals agrees.

Lawrence County District Attorney Errek Jett, too did a very good job throughout the trial, Lawrence County should be proud to have him and his staff. This was Errek Jett's first Capital Murder case and as all Capital Murder trials will go thru the appeals court. I would not say either man lied--just a huge mistake.

Errek and his Victim Service Officer did a wonderful job with keeping the Nichols family in the know, as the next step in the case. Most people make a mistake in their job in any profession, but in a case as this, it shows big time and the Judge has to do something. It being a Capital Murder case, the smallest mistake sticks out. Not saying this was a small mistake...

Thanks for the job they each do, what ever level it may be.



  1. Since I'm over the 30 something age,.. I'll just keep going to Trowbridges for ice cream when I'm downtown.

    1. It's rather like car insurance--we have more money!