Friday, July 20, 2012

Jerry Ivy/The Connection

Jerry Ivy turned 50 on July 18th. On the night of July 19th, Randall Junior Clemmons shot Ivy dead. Since Ivy was in a vehicle at the time of the shooting, Clemmons can be charged with a capital crime. The 42 year-old shooter, known as "Junior," has an arrest history for drug crimes.

Ivy is survived by daughters Stacey and Rebecca, two sisters, two grandchildren, and many friends, some of whom have contacted us concerning the shooting. Our sympathies to all his friends and family. 


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  1. YOU forgot Regina in Jerry's Daughters! He had #. Stacey Rebecca and Regina

  2. Also he had three grandchildren Kamron HAyden and Kyleigh. Thats my dad. Please fix your errors