Monday, July 16, 2012

Drug Trafficking Isn't For Angels/Dakota Holt

Our blog yesterday focused on Cecil Roy Ellsworth; this 66 year-old Sheffield resident was arrested on June 29th for drug trafficking. We've had some questions concerning this supposedly reformed registered sex offender.

Ellsworth's public arrest report does not indicate what particular drug the trafficking charge involved; however, depending on the quantity of unnamed illicit drugs this career criminal possessed at arrest, if convicted of this crime, he would serve a minimum of three years. The maximum sentence is Life Without Parole. Considering Ellsworth's previous record dating back 50 years, he could easily be sentenced as a habitual offender.

We're guessing those who are defending Ellsworth are doing so for the sake of argument alone. We're also guessing that this sex offender doesn't mention just how recent his arrests are when he speaks at various local churches.


Sources in Colbert County tell us Dakota Holt, the admitted shooter of Dylan Milam, has been released from custody and placed with family members. The Milam family has suffered several tragedies over the past decade, and this latest development has not made it any easier for them. We hope this case can be tried quickly and offer Dylan's family a degree of peace.


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