Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Defense of Ronald Eugene Weems - Part III

 Weems/Greenhill/A Second View of Weems

The mental evaluation of Ronald Eugene Weems was interesting...until the so-called Ron Wikkid was asked about his crime, and then it became riveting. The confessed murderer of Amanda Taylor began a startling account of what he "thinks" happened.

According to Weems, he and Amanda were arguing. Amanda physcially attacked him. Ron has previously stated in this evaluation that he weighs 210 pounds and stands 6' 2". Amanda Taylor was a much smaller woman.

Ron goes on to say that he reacted and began to fight with Amanda. We'll ask here just how hard it would have been for a man his size to fight off an attack, assuming one actually took place. Weems does not state how long this "fight" continued.

Then Ronald Eugene Weems states that he "blacked out." Yes, that is the bombshell of this report. Ron Wikkid says he doesn't remember choking Amanda to death. Ron has previously gone on record years before the murder that he suffers from blackouts, so what this may mean for the defense is almost anyone's guess, but wait, here comes the second bombshell.

When Ron woke up, Amanda was dead with a nylon strap wrapped around her neck. Since the murder, bits and pieces have come back to Ron (how convenient) and he now thinks Ashley Greenhill played a much larger part in Amanda's murder than he previously stated.

We don't like that wonder of a mother/stripper/hatchet-wielding waste of oxygen, but we doubt she took part in the actual murder of Amanda Taylor. Our boy Ron is clutching at some pretty weak straws here.

How will it play in court? First, we doubt Ron's attorneys will use this Plan B. Assuming they do? Well, if you're on the jury and buy this, let me tell you about my Arizona waterfront property....


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