Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hard Times v. The Quad-Cities Daily

While we don't consider our primary mission here at Shoalanda Speaks to save our readers money, we're certainly all about eradicating waste from personal as well as public budgets. Why pay for something you can get free?

Now we know you've all at least looked at Hard Times while you've waited to pay for your snacks/smokes/gas at the corner mini-mart. It's what most of us would call a guilty pleasure. Hard Times has detractors who say such publications feature those who have not been convicted. We agree with that, but we also want to know if the young man who does our yard work has been charged with burglarizing local homes. So, yes, many of us are going to read these type publications; the main question is should we pay for it?

One meager dollar a week doesn't sound so bad, but when you think in terms of fifty-two of them in a year's time, you're putting it in perspective. That brings us to The Quad-Cities Daily. This online publication is not only free, but offers the exact time of arrest, as well as the number of charges. In other words, was your housekeeper arrested for one bad check that was a total accident, or has she been hanging wallpaper all over the Shoals?

Here's the link, you decide: The Quad-Cities Daily


While on the subject of saving money, Volumes I and II of Remembering Florence are now on sale. It's not too early to think about Christmas gifts.


Update on possible site of new RegionalCare hospital: Brandon School Dilemma


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