Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wanted: Joshua Thomas Henson

As we publish this morning, police are still searching for Joshua Thomas Henson. The 22 year-old resident of Neal Morris Road in Tuscumbia is wanted in connection with a Saturday hit and run on Sixth Street in Sheffield.

A source with the police department commented unofficially that Henson is on probation in both Lauderdale and Madison County for forgery charges from 2011. Somehow, we don't think fleeing the scene will help Mr. Henson's case at his next court appearance.


The caretakers of a feral cat colony at McFarland Park have informed us that several of the moggies have been killed by a sub-human being with a gun. If you have any information, please forward it to our contact. There is currently a $100.00 reward being offered for any information that results in a conviction of this wanton individual.

Call 256-324-9347


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  1. I never found out who the low life scum bucket was who shot two of my hooligans. As a result of the shootings, they are terrified of storms to the point of causing damage to the house trying to get in when I'm not at home. I have to give them melatonin when I know there is a storm coming.