Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Defense of Ronald Eugene Weems - Part II

On May 22, Dr. Sydney H. Garner of Psychological Specialties in Dothan performed a mental evaluation on Ronald Eugene Weems, aka Ron Wikkid. Judging from some of the photos of Weems posted online, we're surprised the evaluation didn't mention "arrested development." Obviously the main thrust of the interview was to determine if Weems is competent to stand trial and to assist his defense attorneys. Here are some interesting tidbits contained in the final product:

1. Ron's late father was 11 years older than his mother. His 61 year-old mother is currently disabled (although we'll add this didn't keep her from ushering WAAY reporters around the basement murder scene).

2. Ron indicated he was the father to only three children (according to other sources, there are at least two more who are still legally his).

3. He had been a patient at Riverbend for four years previous to Amanda Taylor's murder and was on anti-seizure and anti-depressant medications during part of this time.

4. He had been arrested previously for domestic violence and theft of property.

5. Ron has a total of six tattoos and piercings of the ears, lips, and genitals (Ouch!).

6. He hears voices in the back of his mind and feels these sound like the voices of demons; however, these voices have never commanded him to do anything.

7. Ron also sees flashes of color from time to time (he stated he has taken LSD in the past).

8. Ron stated that at the time of the murder Laurel Pruett was his current girlfriend.

Thursday: What Ron says really happened...


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