Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cecil Roy Ellsworth

What kind of crime stays with the perpetrator forever? Obviously the answer is a sex crime. The above is an arrest photo for Cecil Roy Ellsworth who was charged in Sheffield on June 29th for trafficking in a dangerous drug and possession of marijuana. The 66 year-old Ellsworth has a record going back over 50 years, but now he wants us to believe he's reformed. He was recently featured in an article on his prison ministry, the Courier Journal giving him front page space.

Most of Ellsworth's crimes were committed in his home state of Texas. Laws in each state are different and don't always have corresponding names here in Alabama. We do know Ellsworth is a registered sex offender and was convicted in Texas of having "unlawful sex" with two young teenage girls when he was 33. Ellsworth moved to Alabama in January of this year...or at least registered here for the first time. We're not sure what Cecil Roy Ellsworth found so appealing about our lovely retirement community, but we hope he soon finds even greener pastures.


Two faithful readers made us aware of Ellsworth's activity here in the Shoals, and one sent a very moving essay:

"...never knew my father and my mother was an alcoholic. By the time I was 14, I had been in over 10 foster homes. I had started to smoke pot and was ready to move on to stronger drugs when I met "Lewis." He told me he was 21, but was actually 29. I thought I was madly in love and would have done anything for him. I wanted a home and children and stability in my life and I was sure Lewis would give it to me.

"He told me he needed money or he would be killed by the people he owed. By now I was 15 but still too young to get a real job. I did what he asked me to and began working as a prostitute, giving him all the money I took in. I would go to Bradshaw during the day and immediately meet Lewis after classes. Whatever he wanted I tried to do.

"It ended when I caught a disease and my foster parents discovered what was happening. Lewis was not only 29 but was married and had two kids. I felt ashamed, but I didn't want him arrested. No one ever brought any charges against him and I don't where he is now, so many years later. What he did to me has affected my life and I'm not able to have children and not really able to stay in a relationship with anyone. They can call it statutory rape if they want to, but I and girls like me know it's really just plain rape."



  1. To the lady who was raped as a teenager, don't worry what some on that rogue blog may say. They either can't read or are deliberately lying. I understand why someone like Ellsworth would bring those memories back. Does anyone know if he's still in jail on this drug trafficking charge?

  2. Not interested in discussing guillty / not guilty, etc, but it is important to get the facts right. I have some knowledge of the guy's legal background. Here it is in a nutshell:

    1969 convicted of armed robbery in Texas, served around 10 years of a 25-year sentence and then was pardoned by the Texas governor.

    1980(ish) pled guilty to two counts of sex with a minor in California. Served around 3 years. 20+ years later Alabama law retroactively included him in the sex offender's registry.

    2008 pled guilty to misdemeanor marijuana possession in Fayette County, served around 6 months.

    Also, to clarify, he doesn't preach in churches. He was a jail and prison minister who preached inside jails, directly to inmates.

    1. One correction to your statement: You have offered Ellsworth's criminal background, not his legal background. You are correct that the Second Degree Rape charge was in California. He was convicted in 1979 and served 2.5 years.

    2. I want to clear up the negative information about my Dad in the above blog post.

      My Dad was abused by his dad and other relatives as a child. He was in and out of jail for most of his teen years. He was unable to handle the abuse suffered from his family, and he reacted in a negative way. This is normal for any child suffering from child abuse.

      Later in life he found himself in the Dallas County Jail. He was visited by two men. These men studied the Bible with him, and he began to read and study the Bible even more himself. He also began to improve his seventh grade reading and writing skills. He was released early on good behavior.

      Note: He has written three books on a seventh grade education. That speaks to his study while in prison.

      He then moved to Abilene Texas. He married in 1976, and moved to California a few years later. While in California he was convicted of Second Degree Rape and served around three years.

      At the time of the rape he was under the influence of alcohol, and he was not in his right mind. Does that excuse his actions? No, it does not. He should not have done what he did. And he can only blame himself.

      But I would like to offer a few reasons why we should NOT label him as a Sex Offender.

      1. He did the time for his crime.
      2. He has not had a repeat offense in thirty years.
      3. He does not have a sex offender mind (Note: on repeat offense in 30 years)
      4. He has repented of his sins, and God has forgiven him. God no longer labels him a sex offender, and we should not either.
      5. For the past 20 years he was NOT labeled a sex offender, however, Alabama passed a law that made it retroactive. Does that automatically make him a sex offender? No, it does not! A law that was passed 20 years after the fact, SHOULD NOT define the kind of person he is. We really have to look at his life sense and the facts speak to an overwhelming (N0- he is not a sex offender.)

      Regarding the current charges. Are people not innocent until proven guilty? Is there a change that law enforcement is corrupt? Is there not two sides to every story? I think these are all valid questions.

      I think we need to get to know someone before we judge them. This is my attempt to help people better understand my Dad. I hope we can all keep an open mind and not make a snap judgement about someone.

      Jonathan "Bo" Ellsworth

    3. What about the armed robbery? What about to rape? What about the drug conviction? What about the things he did without getting caught? he had a very extensive Juvenile arrest also. When was the last time he held a real job? I was also severely abused when i was a child and I turned out normal.

    4. I have to agree with jonathon I knew Roy,not personally but he had come to the jail to preach while I was there. I believe He was a man of God as to what I seen of his character. People are judgemental self righteous non holy ghost.unless he rejected God he still saved no matter his past

  3. Wayne Burn,

    He Served his time for the armed robbery and all other charges that he was convicted of when he was younger.

    He was self employed for many years as a painter before his health did not allow such work. He has also written three books, and he was a jail minister. So to answer your question- yes he has had real jobs.

    Everyone's experience with abuse is different, and their reaction is different depending on if they have received help or not. My dad did not have help, and he acted out when he was a teen and young adult.

    I think that I have already addressed the other charge in my post above.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but in this case you are wrong Mr. Burns.

  4. Mr. Burns,

    My dad served his time for all charges that you have questioned. Anyone that has ever been abused has had their own unique experience. Everyone reacts differently. Some people get help early on, and others like my dad do not receive help and react in a negative way. This reaction lead him to do may wrong things. Looking back he can see why he did those things, but for every charge that you have listed he has paid his debt to society.

    Those charges are in the past and should be left there.

    From the time he moved to Alabama he has worked trying to provide for his kids and for himself. I don't know your definition of a "real job" but I do know that when his health allowed he was a hard worker. In more recent years he had been a Jail Minister.

    I know that I will not change anyone's mind by writing this, but it is the truth, and I hope one day people will stop judging my dad for his past.