Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two Freedoms...Two Sides To Story

We in Alabama dearly cherish our freedoms. We here at Shoalanda do also, but we have comments on two of those freedoms. No matter what you think the Second Amendment says, unless you're planning on vacationing in Somalia this summer, we don't think you need to keep an assault rifle handy.

You may have perfectly valid reasons for keeping a Sig in each room of your home or a hunting rifle in each vehicle, but you have no ethical or moral reason for possessing an automatic or semi-automatic assault rifle. It's time our government reactivated the ban on these guns. We're not so naive as to think this will cure the problem within 24 hours, but over time the problem will diminish. Just how many have to die before our government sees that?

We'll address the anti-gun lobby while we're at it. They're often so busy including everything but a sling shot in their anti-gun rants that they lose effectiveness. Why don't we all concentrate on the largest problem first? When maniacs can no longer purchase assault rifles, then we can sit back and observe what other laws may or may not need to be changed.


That brings us to the freedom of speech. We're certainly glad it's free, but we hope everyone strives to make sure their speech is truthful. We totally agree with the three sides to every story statement and try to publish submitted rebuttals as well as comments.

Since the beginning of the year, two blogs have sprung up with the purpose of maligning certain individuals. Between the two, at least eight people have been named as being "Shoalanda." Apparently they keep throwing out names in the hopes of getting it right. Obviously it's irritating to those who have been accused of illegal acts they've never even considered. Why don't they take legal action?

Most libel in Alabama is civil. That requires hiring an attorney and paying out some very big bucks. Most of those accused by these two blogs are indeed pillars of the community and believe their actions, professions, and reputations all preclude anyone from believing these extremely odd tales.

While we have no kind words for these two blogs, they do exemplify the freedom we have to speak our minds. The sad thing is they use falsehoods in the attempt to bolster their opinion of others.



  1. Gee, thanks for that first picture. I'm really glad that is now imbedded in my mind. MY EYES, MY EYES!

    Wait! Maybe that picture is Shoalanda! ; )

    1. At 97 and 1/2 years, we don't look that good unless we've spent the weekend at the spa.

  2. I've visited said blogs a couple of times. It amazes me how people can just make things up. It kind of started with a blog I did of rapist Richard Gooch. My blog, while truthful was informative and the parents didn't know a rapist was around their children at Sweetwater. Many parents thanked me but one, Christy Morris Hill, was upset. She is a follower of Sweetwater and of Phyllis Gooch, Richards new bride.
    I have no kind words for those blogs either as they exhume hate and lies. Lies like I broke into Phyllis' house and beat her dog, I drive by there in a red truck,... and the list goes on.

    1. If it helps any, their tales are so outrageous that we doubt anyone believes them. Also, they named a ninth person today as one of our writers. I'm really flattered.

    2. A ninth person lol.... Yeah their tales are nothing but slanderous and lies like I said before. That blog has nothing constructive about it.

  3. When maniacs can no longer purchase assault rifles,

    Maniacs don't follow the rules. Just like drug dealers, thugs, rapists, gang members, etc...By restricting the sale of weapons legally, you are inviting more and more of the illegal kind that are always in HUGE supply. If I had a fully auto assault weapon, I would not have to worry about drug dealers, thugs, rapists, gang members, or maniacs. To borrow from the NRA, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

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  5. I know what the second amendment says. The right to keep and to bear arms. While I do not own an assault rifle I don't condemn those who do. After all it is their right. Until it is written in law it is legal to own one. Changing this law will not fix the issue with Idiots killing people. Jeffrey Dahmer killed with a drill, hanging, strangulation and acid. Your very naive if you think banning guns is the cure all to killings. Just ask Canada or England how it works. You can see it does not and will not. People quit blaming it on the guns and get to the root of the issue. An armed citizen with a legal firearm will help deter crime. Just think if their was one armed good citizen in the Colorado theater what might have been prevented. People wake up. It's a proven fact that more stricter laws on guns fixes nothing. If our government bans semi auto assault rifles then it will be the semi auto rifles people use to hunt with then it comes to the pistols, shotguns and others to the point that they are all outlawed and then you will see crime rates climb 100%. Wake up and quit being ignorant.

  6. Naive,
    you are very naive if you think banning guns will eliminate killings. Talk about a lawless society when only the criminals own guns. If government started banning semi auto assault rifles then it would be pistols then semi auto rifles used for hunting then shotguns and so forth. Just ask Canada or England how it's working. Their are always going to be sick people committing killings and violent crimes against others. Jeffrey Dahmer killed with acid, a drill, rope and strangulation. Sick people and maniacs will do these regardless people. In the Colorado theater just think what could have been prevented had a couple of good legal citizens with firearms been there to greet this idiot. Wake up people of America and quit blaming killings on guns. If this individual could not get guns he would have built a bomb drove a truck through the theater and so forth. I know what the second amendment says, not think. The right of the people to keep and bear arms. A semi auto firearm is a legal firearm. This is no different than a semi auto hunting rifle with a pocket full of clips or a semi auto pistol with a pocket full of 10 round clips.

    Maniacs are going to find ways to kill people regardless.

    Its a fact that gun laws prevent nothing but make it harder on the sane citizen to obtain legal means of protection. Ban guns and see how much crime increases.