Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dana Allen's Bond Revoked?/Lauderdale Law Suit

Update: Allen to Serve Three Years.

Dana Myhan Allen is scheduled to be sentenced today for having sex with an underage male. We have no firm idea of what sentence Judge Mike Jones may impose on the Lauderdale County wife and mother, an employee of a local medical clinic, but as of yesterday the state was seeking to revoke her bond for trespassing on Wilson School property. We have to wonder about Allen's mental condition. Surely freedom is worth more than whatever she expected to gain from such an unwanted visit. Or did she feel this would be her last chance to see someone before a possible prison sentence?


For those of you who are long time readers, you're familiar with our friend Mark Davis. Mark and his wife divorced in Tennessee and initially shared equal custody of their daughter. After moving to Lauderdale County, Mark's ex-wife sought a new custody arrangement, citing the need for the young girl to attend kindergarten. Then circuit judge Mike Suttle agreed with the child's mother and stripped Mark of his right to joint custody. Is this fair? Is it even legal?

For several years Mark has been attempting to have Suttle's ruling reversed. During this time, the ex-Mrs. Davis has filed her own motions, asking for child support. Remember: The original agreement in Tennessee called for joint custody in which each parent would support the child while she was in their respective care.

After much legal wrangling and time that Mark has lost with his daughter, he's now filed suit in Federal Court . Listed as defendants in the case are:

Brenda K. Baker

Tonya Blackstock Smith

Robert J. Bentley

Gilbert Porterfield Self

Ned Michael Suttle

Robert F. Smith

Chris Connolly

Stacey Bryant Hooper

Lindsey Mussleman Davis

Melinda Morgan Austin

Cynthia L. Bratcher

Nancy Buckner

Terry A. Moore

Each defendant is accused of four counts of violating Mark's civil rights. In a few weeks, if not sooner, the court will decide if this suit has merit. If their decision is in the affirmative, a trial date will be set. We'll have updates on the suit as they become available.


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