Sunday, July 8, 2012

(RegionalCare) Would Like To Invite You... join us for an informal presentation related to this property, its possible use for a hospital campus, and a review of potential terms and market-appropriated offers in the event this site is selected for the new regional hospital. District 3 Councilman Hermon Graham, ECM Hospital CEO Russell Pigg, Reverend Gregg Reynolds and appropriate local real estate brokers/consultants...

The above letter was sent to all property owners in the six block area that includes the old Brandon School, now New Vision Methodist Church. The letter states "in the event." Is it in fact a done deal? We'll know more after the Thursday night meeting.

We've seen this property listed as a long shot for the new hospital, mainly due to the numerous small surrounding properties the hospital giant would have to acquire in order to create a campus large enough for both a hospital and a cancer center. The prevailing theory being it would require excessive time, perhaps even years, to acquire all this property at a reasonable price. Perhaps RegionalCare now thinks Helen Keller Hospital will challenge the certificate of need for that long in any event?

What of New Vision? The North Alabama Conference of the Methodist Church purchased the property in what it calls a community outreach program, and the group held its first services there in May 2008. Whether the conference or the small congregation holds the deed, we don't know. We do know several tenants left the center last December, ostensibly due to a rent increase.

The church itself was designed to reach out to a community in need, as much of East Florence is; however it has not grown as rapidly as some predicted. If the conference still owns the property, to refuse this offer would be unthinkable. Assuming there is an offer...


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