Friday, July 13, 2012

Thoughts on Smokehouse/Navistar Stock Down

Several readers have commented on the recent closing of Florence landmark Smokehouse Billiards, asking if we planned to dedicate a blog to the East Tennessee Street eatery. The TimesDaily seems to have thoroughly covered the subject, but we do have two comments.

If ever asked the identity of the first woman to breach the establishment's doors, you would be correct to answer Linda Ronstadt. Our second comment concerns some memories of city employees. Apparently it was the custom of some to enjoy half and half at lunchtime. Perhaps, gentle readers, you would do well to complete your business with city hall before noon. Looking on the bright side, that doesn't seem quite as decadent as the three martini lunch.

Note: The current owner of the Smokehouse has recently announced plans to be open in a larger location by August 1st. 

Photo by Dave Reasons


Our favorite Barton company can't seem to get any good news. Navistar stock has fallen 38% in the past three months. From Seeking Alpha, July 11:

NAV has had an eventful first half for the year, and it heavily relies on the second half to improve its earnings, after showing losses for two consecutive quarters and missing earnings by 397% and 264% in the last two quarters respectively. However, the slow forecasted growth in Brazil and India means that the incremental revenue expected from these markets may not be realized. This, coupled with the internal problems faced by NAV such as potential hostile takeovers, engine compliance issues and towering warranty costs, gives us the notion that NAV is not expected to rise this year.


Happy Birthday, Mary Carton!


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