Friday, July 6, 2012

In Judge Jackson's Courtroom

Family Evicted From Home

A Guest Commentary By

Concerned Lauderdale Citizen

"Judge Billy Jackson does not understand how to structure his docket efficiently." 

"Judge Billy Jackson does not know the law."

You, readers, may decide for yourself if the above comments are true. I only repeat what I have recently heard from others. Ask your own questions, and find your own answers, for you are paying the man’s salary of over $100,000. Would you pay anyone else who is not doing his job adequately?

There are currently cases from Fall, 2011, which still await a ruling from Judge Jackson. There are emergency motions from this past Spring which have not been addressed, as well as current emergencies.

And I have heard a detailed story from a previously credible source which puts Judge Jackson in a very negative light. It seems he is using his authority to hurt families rather than help them.

Judge Jackson gave a mother and her children only hours to vacate their home under threat of eviction by sheriff. They had to leave behind almost everything they owned because there was so little notice from the court. The mother had previously followed every court order and was not prepared for this decision because she was waiting for the judge to rule on competing orders.

Judge Jackson allowed a deadbeat dad to move back into the house who has not complied with court orders for more than five years. Judge Jackson has known for many months that the deadbeat dad has refused to provide court ordered life insurance for the mother and the children. The mom had suggested to the court that their marital home might secure the dad’s life insurance obligation to her and to their kids, and she was waiting for the judge to decide. But the judge denied her request at the exact same time that he ordered her and the kids to vacate their home. Judge Jackson also knows that the kids have never spent a night with their dad in five years, and they refuse to live with him.

The deadbeat dad is also in contempt of court on other issues, both present and past. But Judge Jackson has refused for many months to even set a date in court for the trial to address the deadbeat dad’s contempt of court. Apparently, the dad has been in contempt of court before on several things. This particular deadbeat dad also stalked and threatened the mom and had a Protection from Abuse order enforced against him by Judge Jackson.

Yes, readers, you read correctly. Judge Jackson is aware that the mother is in compliance with court orders and always has been while the deadbeat dad is not in compliance with court orders and never has been. Judge Jackson ordered a mother and her children out of their home with only hours notice, so they are now homeless. But the deadbeat dad now has two homes.

And Judge Jackson has done nothing to secure the court ordered life insurance for a mother and children. The deadbeat dad might fall over dead at any minute, and it would be Judge Jackson’s fault alone that they did not have their mandated life insurance. I remind you readers that Judge Jackson has refused for months to even set a court date.

What is Judge Jackson doing? According to what I am hearing, he has some explaining to do. I am concerned about the mom and her children, even if Judge Jackson is not. I will follow up to let you know what happens in this case.


We'll add to the above commentary that we have heard complaints concerning the circuit court clerk's office and its inability to schedule, rather than Judge Jackson's. The same was said of Judge Jimmy Sandlin's court. What is the truth? We have no idea, but hope the problem, no matter its roots, can be corrected as quickly as possible.



  1. We are fortunate to have Honorable Judges in Lauderdale County. To publish not facts about a case but simply the opinion of ONE party involved in ONE divorce case as being represenative of how the courts in Lauderdale County function is reprehensible at best.

    1. As you know, since you also commented there, we published a rebuttal:

      We regularly publish readers' opinions. Feel free to send us commentaries at any time. In deed, we have begged for reader commentaries in the past.

    2. FORTUNATE???? SERIOUSLY???? Visit for story after story after story after story after story to the contrary. GET REAL!

  2. As we constantly speak of on our site, Judge Billy Jackson should in our informed opinion, be tried criminally for his actions and sentenced to a long prison term for using his position with disregard for what's in the best interest of the children and their families, over and over and over again!

  3. As we repeatedly report on our site, in our informed opinion, Judge Billy Jackson should be tried criminally for using his position to make decisions with virtually no regard for the safety or benefit of the children that come before him in his court. His repeated disregard for their safety, family and future is reprehensible, all in the name of what generates the most money for Lauderdale county at the expense of the children. Thanks Sholanda for continuing to expose Judge Jackson and the corruption that takes place in his kangaroo court!

  4. I am a grandmother of a 4 yr old little girl placed in foster care. According to the Alabama DHR state codes and attorney general's office the entire placement was in violation of codes. We have custody of her brother and the separation of the siblings is cruel punishment causing permanent mental anguish to our grandchildren. Even with the child's mother her attorney,the child's attorney and our attorney filing joint motion the courts do not seek to care to escalate a hearing of the matter and reunite this child. We are prepared to take necessary steps at State level if matter is not address upto asking for federal review and withholding of State federal funding. I spoke with the proper government official last week while in DC.