Monday, July 9, 2012

A Second Chance for East Florence Entertainment District?

Everyone in the Shoals is waiting for Thursday night. We're guessing property owners in the East Florence business district, now dubbed the East Florence Arts & Entertainment District, are especially eager to know RegionalCare's plans.

Only a few blocks from the Brandon property, a site our friends at The Connection have christened "Brandon Block," the heart of what was once Sweetwater to the locals will certainly now be able to live up to its promise. Hospital employees finishing a shift should be able to make a quick stop at any number of small cafes or bistros. Here's hoping someone immediately acts on our friend Mary Carton's suggestion to buy the old depot and turn it into a restaurant. Get the property while it's hot!


We've been asked if the RegionalCare site is a "done deal." That we don't know, but from looking at property maps and aerial maps of similar new hospitals, purchasing all of Brandon Block would not be necessary. We'll have more on this for the homeowners affected in later blogs.


We're not sure of  the age of  the photo in today's blog, but you can't miss the old East Florence Drugs building. At one time it was a sister store to North Florence Drugs and a Rexall outlet. Someone should bottle the smell of these old drug stores, along with Rogers Department Store--they could make a quick million.


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