Friday, July 27, 2012

Kimberly Bynum/Such a Hot Button

Amanda Watkins and Dana Allen have hit the dust, up next is Kimberly Bynum. All three are married women who admitted to affairs with teenagers. Watkins and Bynum are teachers, while Allen was a volunteer coach. The sexual encounters of Watkins and Allen fall under the category of Second Degree Rape, while Bynum's crime is relatively new territory.

It's illegal in Alabama for a teacher to have sex with a current student under the age of 19. In the first 12 months after the law was enacted on July 1, 2010, six teachers were charged. Previously, these six would have faced only charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Bynum's attorney has had his client's day in court postponed twice. While some prosecutors claim the crime is comparable with incest, teacher advocates deem it simply a breach of trust that should result only in the loss of teaching license. It will be extremely interesting to learn what Joey Rushing may or may not offer the former Vina teacher.

From a friend: It's all right to kiss a teacher if she's a nun. Just don't get in the habit.


A friend's comments on guns:

Would it surprise you to find out that not only do I own an AR15 myself, by my wife owns an AR15?, too  We have dozens of 'high-capacity' magazines and thousands of rounds of ammo for them. BTW....hers is PINK. :D

Now...WHY do we own them? Simple: Because we can. Does doing so make us evil, unstable, etc, etc, etc? No more than your owning your blog makes you an 'evil, liberal journalist'. Your 1st Amendment RIGHT to own, write, etc , with regards to your blog, are INSURED by my 2nd Amendment RIGHT to own my AR15.

Here's a some food for thought....and you can verify what I am saying easily:

* Criminals will ALWAYS be able to get WHATEVER they want: drugs, weapons, etc. When America decides to LOCK AWAY its violent criminals FOR GOOD.... I MIGHT consider not owning an AR15 or similar weapon. But until then....*I* am solely responsible for my own security, as well as that of my family. BTW...IF your own home was suddenly forcibly invaded, what would YOU want as a weapon for self-defense?

* Japan decided NOT to invade the west coast of the U.S. after Pearl Harbor due to AMERICAN GUN OWNERSHIP.

* Americans have NO NEED for cars and motorcycles that can exceed 75 mph, yet my Titan truck shows 140mph on the speedometer and many of today's motorcycles can EXCEED 160mph.

Tomorrow: An even more liberal look at guns...


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