Thursday, July 19, 2012

Update on Two Accused Sex Offenders

Do innocent individuals ever plead guilty? We assume the answer to that question is "yes." There is a special plea called an Alford for those who claim innocence but realize other factors possibly prevent them from being found not guilty. Such was not the case for a current local mayoral candidate; however, after agreeing to serve 20 years and one day for the crime of attempted rape of a child under 12, this individual was granted a new trial on appeal.

After serving approximately five years in prison, the man in question was tried for the crime he originally pleaded guilty to and acquitted in 1997. For all those who have asked about his political rights, these were automatically restored at his acquittal. You, the voters, will have opportunity to vote for an opposing candidate if you wish. We hope that those who oppose this man do so on his platform, not simply on past charges. If he is indeed guilty, he will face a higher judge at a later date.


A reader sent a correction on our blog about Cecil Roy Ellsworth. While the majority of his legal woes did take place in Texas, his Second Degree Rape conviction was in the State of California. If convicted of his latest alleged crime, trafficking in a dangerous drug, Ellsworth faces a minimum sentence of at least three years.

Depending on the actual drug involved and the amount sold, Ellsworth could possibly face life in prison. Much will depend on what the Colbert County District attorney chooses to offer Roy Ellsworth. 


Are sex offenders ever "cured?" We're sure for every study stating the answer is "no," there will be opposing studies answering "yes." We're going to leave the answer to that question up to you the reader, but here is a link to a 2006 study involving sex offenders in four countries. It produced some very interesting results:



  1. Welcome to Confirmation Bias 101, Trollanda. Post the minority of studies that confirm your personal bias. Forget the fact that the vast majority of studies prove otherwise. I can't believe anyone reads your trash blog. I do get far more visitors to my blogs than you do for yours, however.

  2. Yes, you get sex offenders and those crazy enough to love them. Nice intelligent audience, huh? Still running free on the streets of Cleveland?