Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Next Mayor of Florence? - Part III

Mickey Haddock is the third of three mayoral candidates we're showcasing this week. The election is still two months away; citizens of Florence have ample opportunity to meet each of these three gentlemen, ask pertinent questions, and choose wisely. From Mr. Haddock's website:

Mickey Haddock has been a lifelong resident of Lauderdale County. He attended Central High School, Northwest-Shoals Community College, and Faulkner University. He married Linda Salyer in 1969 and they have two grown sons, Chris and Heath; two daughter-in-laws (sic), Suzi and Beth; and three grandchildren, Skylar, Kiah, and Chloe; all residents of Florence.

Mickey’s service to the area is unquestionable as he has always been involved in civic organizations and more often than not he has served in a leadership role. His heart is and always had been right here in Florence and as Mayor he will continue to make this a better place to live, work and play. 

In March of 2011, I announced my candidacy to run for Mayor. This decision was in the making for several years and it was made with much thought and prayer. I have a long history of service to this area and am known for being not only a civic leader, but a leader who is pragmatic, compassionate and fair minded. A person who sets goals and then works hard to reach them.

I will bring that same conviction to the Mayor’s office and appreciate your support as my vision for our city is for meaningful employment,  a strong sense of community, outstanding schools for our children and opening doors of opportunity.


Over the past three and one-half years, we've been contacted and asked many times to do articles about numerous individuals--not those whom we deem local heroes, but those who have behaved in a less than honorable way. We do not do such articles about private citizens. 

Who is a public personage? The definition of a public figure is: anyone who has gained prominence in the community as a result of his or her name or exploits, whether willingly or unwillingly.

For our purposes, this would include elected or appointed officials who are paid with or who regulate our tax dollars. This would also include those who break the law (current legal cases) or those who have contacted news media in an attempt to promote unethical or immoral actions.

So if you contact WAFF, Rick & Bubba, and us; if you're featured on television and in ALFRA newsletters; if you're arrested for drug crimes, theft, and burglary; yes, that makes you a public person. Don't expect us to keep silent when you harass an innocent family on Facebook. We'll add that anyone facing a felony conviction should be much more concerned with his legal problems than what we may or may not think...



  1. I saw the msg Mr. Scott sent our favorite rogue blog. I agree with you. Who worries about what people think when your son could be going to prison for a couple of years? If he had wanted to help his son, he should have done it two years ago when he was arrested the first time.

    I also can't figure out what he expects to accomplish by putting down the little boy's family, his parents. That's over and done with, thankfully. Obviously, the Scotts just care for themselves and not the child. Sad. And foolish.

  2. Thanks for the blogs on the mayoral candidates. I was going to do that also, but now may just do my choice for mayor. Florence is lucky to have 2 good men running for the spot in Rick Singleton and Mickey Haddock. Mr Simpson I don't know much about but from his ideas here, he seemed a bit confused. I've known Mickey many years and he is always the same. He is rock solid as a person and a proven leader of people. As is Rick. But my choice would be Mickey. He would serve Florence well.

    1. We probably won't endorse anyone for this office unless something drastic happens. I totally agree with you that either Mickey or Rick would make a great mayor.