Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Curse of the Shoals: Navistar to Lose 3 Billion?

If you're over 40 or so, you've probably heard the term "Curse of the Shoals." Simply stated, it means if anything good business wise comes to this area, it quickly goes south. Could this be the case with Navistar?

Apparently not all is well with this industrial giant. Known for its engine production, Navistar has placed its eggs in the basket of EGR technology, a type not yet approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (and this is just one of several problems now facing the manufacturing giant). Obviously Navistar's competitors don't want this new technology approved. What if it isn't?

Pundits at CNBC feel that the loss of 4K jobs and eventual bankruptcy would be inevitable. For those who wish to delve a little deeper into this possibility, here's the link to Herb Greenberg's article:


Are the bigwigs at Helen Keller Hospital, executives whose salaries are paid by Huntsville Hospital, now telling employees at the Colbert County facility that it's only a matter of time until HH buys out RegionalCare? More on this later...


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