Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Highlights of Lowlifes Alexander & Milam

Jonathan (Seth) Alexander
Sadly, there will probably be no Life Without Parole for Jonathan Alexander, aka Seth. Any crimes he's been found guilty of seem to have been non-violent; however, we can hope for a Life With sentence for this loving father of two.

Alexander and Jennifer Marie Thomas Milam seemed to have known each other for only a month when they robbed Ray's Southside Market in Russellville. Both were apprehended within hours of the May 2010 crime. Milam's encounters with the law after that incident are apparently all drug related, while Alexander has added numerous robberies and attempted robberies to his rap sheet.

Then we have the problem of their "marriage." Alexander and Milam use different last names and portray themselves on Facebook as engaged, yet when arrested they're married? We've blogged on common law marriage in this state before. If their defense attorneys can establish a marriage, neither will have to testify against the other. Just another little perk of living in Alabama.

According to two sources, Alexander's daughter is living with her mother. She did visit with her biological father, and it's unknown if such visits were supervised. The 17 month-old son of Alexander and Milam is living with Jonathan's mother. Our source tells us the boy was born addicted to meth and has severe handicaps.

As one of our readers asked, just how does something like the subject of sex with children come up? Did one say, "Hey, I'm finding you just a little boring. How about we add two kids to the mix just to see what happens?"

Another reader, our regular commenter Justin, has suggested sterilization. We certainly think it's appropriate in the case of these two Cretins, but sadly we doubt that the courts of the land will allow it.



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  1. It's called Eugenics. I'm proponent in this case. :0