Friday, June 1, 2012

Ronnie Willis: Just a Little Confused

If It wasn't so sad, it would be funny. Yesterday morning, Lauderdale County Sheriff Ronnie Willis (pictured right) received communication from Wayne County, Tennessee, that a local man was wanted there. Willis then informed his deputies to be on the lookout and promptly called the Lauderdale County Detention Center where Kenneth Eugene Risner's sister works, asking her to have Kenneth turn himself in. Other members of the sheriff's office called various individuals. We had received two reports on Risner's supposed activity before noon.

Why is this sad/funny? The name on the warrant wasn't Kenneth Eugene Risner, pictured at left, but Jeremy Wade Risner, pictured center. The latter Risner had also recently been a guest at the Lauderdale County Detention Center, and Kenneth's sister had remembered a Tennessee investigator confusing the two. When she asked Willis to double check the name, he then confirmed he was looking for the wrong person.

A worker at the detention center (not Kenneth's sister) first contacted us about Willis' mistake and demanded we issue a HUGE retraction. We're happy to correct the information, but suggest she look at the source. This area is home to many named Risner.

We're still not sure which Risner ran from a deputy in Waterloo, but we're guessing it was Jeremy. Nor do we know if Jeremy Wade Risner has been apprehended. He is a convicted sex offender, as well as being sought in connection with a burglary. We do know that Kenneth Eugene Risner's court date is still set for June 26th...and we're also pretty sure yesterday's snafu at the sheriff's office didn't help his chest pains.



  1. Our Lauderdale County Sheriff's office at work. Wonder if all the force knows it's not Kenneth Risner of if some are still looking for him?

    1. Jeremy Wade Risner, has finally been captured and in Lauderdale County Detention Center on numerous new charges, with a bond of $31,500.00, and a no bond on the bench warrant that they thought was for Kenneth Risner.