Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bubba's Take on Deard Hill Arrest

Deard Hill Jr.

A Special Report from Bubba Leroy Smuckpucker II: If you all follow local arrest reports, you recently read of the arrest of my ol' buddy Deard William Hill Jr. on May 27th. They got Deard for two counts of Failure to Appear. I feel like he'll be okay cause it's sure not his first rodeo.

Deard and me go back a long way and so does his rap sheet. His first big arrest was in 1990 for Felony Murder, but it really wasn't ol' Deard's fault. Deard (some people call him June Bug) and his Uncle Bobby Ray and Cousin Ricky Wayne all piled in their van to go over to Tony Ticer's place and teach him a lesson. But ol' Tony had other ideas. When Ricky Hill hit Tony over the head with the broken handle to a sledge hammer, ol' Tony ran in the house, got a gun and started shootin'. He wasn't that great a shot, but he did manage to hit Bobby, so all the Hills got back in the van and left.

Don't really recollect who was driving, but I guess it's not that easy when you're being shot at, and the van got stuck in a bush. Yeah...a bush. While Deard and Ricky was trying to push it out and get back on the road, they both got shot too. All of 'em got back home, but ol' Ricky was shot up pretty bad and he went and died on 'em. That's when the DA decided to arrest Ricky's daddy Bobby and his cousin Deard for Felony Murder. If'n they hadn't been beatin' up on ol' Tony, he wouldn't have shot at 'em to start with.

As you might guess, that didn't set too well with some of the Hill family. Ricky's mama Betty hadn't been married to Bobby for quite a spell, but I guess you could say there was still some embers and all, so she decides to go down to the courthouse and set up a picket line. Yeah...that's what she did. Got some other members of the family to picket too, but it didn't do no good. The county still tried Deard and his uncle for murder, attempted murder, assault, and discharging a firearm into a occupied building.

I guess the jury felt kinda sorry for 'em and only convicted the pair for Attempted Murder. Since Bobby and Deard had guns too, that upped the sentence to 20 years. Yep, a hard lesson to learn, especially since Bobby lost an eye in the fracas. You really need good vision to walk around a prison yard, but they both made it back home in a few years.

I was hopin' Deard's luck would change when he got out, but it only changed for the worst. Yeah, ol' June Bug had a brother who wasn't really great guns in the romance department and when his wife left him back in 2005, Deard and the rest of the family got into it with Renee'. Seems like poor Deard took the worst of it. Renee' stabbed him and her son shot him and her new boyfriend beat up on him. It had to have hurt, I would reckon. Then the DA got Renee for witness tampering and some other crimes, but I don't think that made ol' June Bug feel any better. Them gun shots take a time to heal up real good.

So if you see ol' Deard's name in the paper, don't go too hard on him. He hasn't had the easiest life. And remember to see me for all your septic tank and automotive needs if you're pert near to the Dog Ear community.


We've been hearing that representatives for Clint Eastwood have been in the area scouting locations for a new movie. Urban rumor? We have no idea, but if you have any info send it our way.


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