Saturday, June 9, 2012

Autumn Marie Wood Claims Self-Defense

Brooklyn Ann Hollins

Brooklyn Ann Hollins was two weeks short of her 15th birthday when she was stabbed to death at an unsupervised teen party last March. Now Autumn Marie Wood has claimed self-defense in the death, stating she was attacked by the girl nicknamed "Boogie." According to initial reports, Hollins had stepped into an argument turned physical in order to help defend a friend. Reports from yesterday's initial hearing for Wood state that the 17 year-old defendant had done the same.

We have to ask: Self-defense? How does one claim self-defense if one stops a pummeling long enough to open a kitchen drawer and retrieve a knife? Or is someone now saying a third party handed Wood the knife? Judge Carole Coil Medley has ruled the evidence is sketchy enough to warrant a grand jury hearing. This was a very necessary ruling to prevent any grounds for appeal in the case. The truly sad part is Brooklyn's family having to sit through such testimony.


We've seen the girl who gave the party praised for staying at the side of Brooklyn Ann Hollins while others, including Autumn Wood, fled. It was, after all, her home. Her parents had forbade any guests while they were away, but this young woman persisted in giving a party that reportedly included young males and alcohol. Obviously only her parents can mete out punishment for the young woman, but grounded for life sounds pretty good to us.


There's also new evidence in the alleged murder of 13 year-old Dylan Wayne Milam of Leighton. Look for it on Monday...



  1. I would rather Autumn Wood be allowed to claim self-defense and have a jury see right through it (hello, she was on top of the other girl, bigger than the other girl, and punching her in the face, and the other girl was not armed) then to have her denied the option and the case against her be jeopardized. Autumn Wood & Hammad Memon should both be locked up until they die in prison.