Friday, June 22, 2012

Jonathan Alexander+Jennifer Milam=Scum

At left is Jonathan Daniel Alexander, 29, better known as Seth. Why Seth? There's a relatively famous pop singer named Seth Alexander who's about Jonathan's age; perhaps our Franklin County all-American boy decided to cash in on Seth's fame and glory. Not that Jonathan hasn't had some fame himself, or at least infamy. Among the many crimes he's been accused of are the burglaries of Family Pharmacy in Russellville.

Yes, that was plural. Jonathan and his brother Jason Christopher Alexander robbed the same pharmacy twice. Apparently returning to the scene of their original crime was bad luck for the dangerous duo since police had the drug store surrounded during their encore engagement in February 2011. Jonathan may have felt right at home when he was returned to jail, since he was already under indictment for similar charges relating to a burglary that also involved his wife.

Jennifer Marie Thomas Milam, also 29, is pictured at right. This loving couple who got together in April 2010 seem to have done much together, including having their probation revoked in early February of this year. Upon their latest release from the Franklin County jail, Alexander and Milam found they had no home, but caring relatives took them in. After the couple moved to a picturesque trailer park approximately three weeks ago, the homeowner found letters the lovebirds had written to each other while incarcerated.

If you've read the news accounts, you know the letters contained plans to sexually abuse children, one as young as 17 months. The homeowner was obviously a distant relative of the pair since he or she had the common decency to turn over the missives to DHR. Police immediately arrested Milam, and Alexander turned himself in Thursday night.

Now...let's get down to business. Guess what. According to his Facebook page, Jonathan has a daughter and a son. Yet it's his daughter that's his "life" and his "world." Lovely, isn't it? It gets worse. His son? Yes, he's around 17 months old and presumably Milam's child as well.

What can these filthy excuses for human beings expect if they're convicted of these charges? The white washed name for their crime is "facilitating the solicitation of unlawful sexual contact with a child under 16." The punishment for this Class C felony is one to 10 years in prison. We can only hope that Jonathan Alexander has enough previous convictions to be tried as a habitual offender, in which case he could receive a life sentence. If there are any violent crimes in this heathen's resume', Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing may even be able to get Life Without for this piece of trash.

Unfortunately, the mutant skank Milam will probably be out in time to beat her biological clock and give birth to some poor child whom she will proceed to abuse physically, sexually, and emotionally. Let's just hope that wherever she lands child services will be aware of her previous crimes.



  1. We put women and men in prison for life AND we execute them, effectively keeping them from having children. Why can't we just sterilze them and save some money?

  2. Btw...he went by Seth all thru school. It wasn't an "attempt to cash in on fame".