Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Sunday Treat - Yes, Really!

We didn't know such a film existed. What a treat to see Mr. Frank Potts at the end!


Tennessee Valley Historical Society presents Helen Keller Festival Week Speakers: In recognition of Northwest Alabama history diversity and Helen Keller Festival Week activities, the Tennessee Valley Historical Society is sponsoring three guest speaker presentations to be held at Cold Water Bookstore, 101 West 6th Street, Tuscumbia, Alabama.

The presentation line up is as follows:

Thursday- June 21 - Time: 2 p.m. - “The American Star” Tom McKnight, TVHS President, will give a Power-Point presentation on ‘The American Star,’ the African-American, Muscle Shoals Missionary Baptist Association newspaper, edited and published by Professor George Washington Trenholm in Tuscumbia. Artifacts of recently discovered rare issues that were not known to exist covering the 1940s and 1950s will be on display.

Friday - June 22 - Time: 5:30 p.m. “Rediscovering the Poarch Creek Band of Creek Indians” Robert Thrower, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Poarch Creek Indians, will discuss “The Forgotten Creeks of Alabama: Rediscovering the Poarch Band of Creek Indians”. The presentation will explore the origin, struggles and accomplishments of the Poarch Band. A number of Creek cultural items will be on display for both discussion and demonstration.

Saturday – June 23 – Time: 12 Noon - “General Joe Wheeler Museum” Scheduled speakers will be Melissa Beasley, Site Director of the General Joe Wheeler Museum, Pond Spring, Hillsboro, Alabama and Kara Long, Museum Curator. Power-point presentation will cover the restoration effort that restored the Wheeler Home Museum, the family’s furnishings and artifacts that now occupy the historic site and historic insights of General Wheeler who served his home and country as a Confederate General, Congressman and West Point graduate. Miss Annie Wheeler’s service in the American Red Cross during three wars and her devotion to helping others will also be discussed.


Tomorrow we'll have some newly released info on the alleged murderer of Dylan Mylam. It's a sad commentary on the state of some families as well as our legal system.



  1. I wonder who had the film all these years?

    1. I just accidentally found it on YouTube. Apparently it was recorded & televised; would be interesting to know its history.