Friday, June 29, 2012

The Next Mayor of Florence? - Part II

Billy Ray Simpson is one of three Florence candidates seeking the office of mayor on August 28th. He has no website, but we'll present his vision for the city in his own words excerpted from a TimesDaily interview:

“We need someone who can keep the council in line and doing what they are elected to do. I see other people (on the council) wanting to be the mayor who were not elected mayor. I can be a little tougher than this mayor, even though he is a wise man.

“Areas east and west of downtown still need help. They need businesses. The west side of town has no fast-food restaurants or people that compete for business. When you have to go too far to shop, it makes it hard on people. They spend more money getting there than they should have to.

“Jobs allow them to become good fathers and family members. Training programs are an important part of getting good jobs. We already have companies on board with us to provide that only intoxicant that occurs naturally, something created by God.

“Experience has taught me that some laws should be changed when they are not good for the majority of people. It’s (marijuana) coming in from other places and they are putting things on it that make people hallucinate. We can’t regulate that now.”


Obviously Mr. Simpson has some interesting viewpoints. We didn't know the mayor of Florence could regulate or deregulate marijuana or any other controlled substances...


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  1. LOL. Did you make that up? He doesn't sound very intellegent.