Monday, June 4, 2012

Autumn Wood: Back in Court on June 8th

As summer approaches, a hand full of high profile murder cases will again be in the news. This week should see Autumn Marie Wood back in court. Her first appearance since being denied youthful offender status will be on June 8th.

Since Wood was denied such status and since she has admitted stabbing Hollins, her attorney will probably attempt to negotiate a plea. We don't see Autumn Wood as coming across as very sympathetic to a jury. What type of sentence would the Lauderdale County District Attorney's office be willing to offer? Our guess would be in the 25 year range, but it could be less due to her age. No matter her final sentence, Wood obviously needs help with anger management. We hope she gets it.


As we mentioned in a previous blog, new state sex offender laws will be coming in the next few years. We have to ask, if registered sex offenders can be made to report at various times throughout the year, why can't they be required to undergo long-term therapy? Yes, this would cost the state initially, but it would save money spent on trials and imprisonment for those who relapse, not to mention protecting possible new victims.

This week's featured sex offender in The Connection is:


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