Sunday, June 3, 2012

Not Local, Just Southern

After we enumerated some local business chains yesterday, a reader asked about Guthrie's Chicken. Is it local? We had no idea, but discovered the answer is both yes and no. If you want to keep your hard earned dollars supporting close-to-home enterprises, here's a run down on a few more.

Guthrie's Chicken - Originated in Haleyville, Alabama. 27 locations--mainly franchises.

Demos' Steak & Spaghetti House - Home office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Five stores in two states.

Krystal - Home office in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 420 stores in the Southeast.

Chick-Fil-A - Home office in Atlanta, Georgia. 1,614 stores in 39 states.

Whitt's Barbecue - Originated in Athens, Alabama.  Locations in two states.

Rosie's Mexican Cantina - Originated in Huntsville, Alabama. Four stores in North Alabama.


Today's TimesDaily reports that the power is off at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame; however, the museum's Facebook page states that it was restored on May 24th. We have to wonder just how wily Wiley Barnard, current director, really is in taking the helm of this stepchild of the state.

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