Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kenneth Eugene Risner Wanted Again

Kenneth Eugene Risner has been on the move lately. Risner was being held in the Colbert County Jail for making a terrorist threat that shut down Spring Park in Tuscumbia, but on May 4th he was transferred from Colbert to the Lauderdale County Detention Center. Details of the transfer and his life at the Detention Center are unconfirmed, but after spending two to three weeks in Florence, Risner complained of chest pains and was taken to ECM Hospital for treatment.

Upon release from ECM, he was picked up by Colbert County deputies who returned him to the Tuscumbia facility. He bonded out of the Colbert Jail a few days ago and is awaiting a court date of June 26th. Upon his release, family members had told authorities they were taking Risner to a mental health facility for treatment. Unfortunately, such treatment may have to wait.

Kenneth Risner is now wanted on a warrant from Wayne County, Tennessee, charging him with burglary. Sources in Lauderdale say that when he became aware of the new warrant, Risner decided to flee. A search is reportedly on for the 48 year-old Lauderdale man. He should be considered unstable and possibly dangerous.

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As we stated yesterday, Tanisha Tetter Welch has sent threatening communications to at least three friends/family of murder victim Amanda Taylor. One of those threatened lives in Madison County and has been unable to press charges. We're unsure of the rationale behind that...are such threats just business as usual in our neighboring metropolitan county?



  1. This is a mistake and should be retracted immediately. This has been confirmed by Lauderdale County Sheriff Ronnie Willis. Kenneth is not wanted for anything anywhere. Please contact the Sheriff and see for yourself. The actual warrant is for another Risner subject that is from Tennessee and Kenneth has nothing to do with this. It was a mistake made by wrong name.

    1. See Friday's blog.