Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tetter & Ron: Mental Evaluations All Around?

Content Warning: Screen shots of threats from Tanisha Tetter Welch, Ronald Weems' first cousin, have been censored for publication, but still contain graphic wording and imagery.

Yesterday we introduced you to Tanisha Tetter Welch, mother of two small children, niece to Laquania Welch Weems, and a wanted woman in Colbert County. Tetter (bottom photo), as she is called, has stated that her cousin Ron Wikkid Weems (top right), confessed murderer of Amanda Taylor, is her best friend. Early in May she announced on a social media site that she wanted to kill herself, but later renounced the idea after receiving a letter from Ron in which he told her everything was going to be all right. Shortly after that optimistic pronouncement, Ron's attorney asked for a mental evaluation of his client.

While we don't doubt both Ron and Tetter have mental problems, both know right from wrong--that is the standard by which they will be judged--Ron for Felony Murder and Tetter for Misdemeanor Harassment. While Tetter has threatened more than one individual, many of her rants have been directed toward one person, a person extremely close to Amanda and one who has done much to ensure there will be justice for the murdered mother of three.

Just what has Tetter threatened? Looking at the message to the right, it would appear that violence was her intent, or at least what she wanted her victim to believe was her intent. The mention of more "clowns" in her family is quite telling.

Do we think the Insane Clown Posse played a part in the murder of Amanda Taylor? No, not in any real way. We do believe Laquania Weems abdicated her responsibility to her son many years ago and gave him over to what's come to be called a thug mentality. It would seem that her sister accomplished the same with Tetter.

Both were, for their age, overly enamored with the hip-hop group and, yes, to at least some degree became immune to the violence portrayed in the songs. Note Tetter's use of a hatchet wielding juggalette as a Facebook icon. Tetter has even used one of ICP's videos in an attempt to frighten one of her targets.

Our sources tell us Tetter is also wanted in Franklin County on charges that will take precedence over the harassment charges facing her in Colbert. No matter what awaits her in Russellville, we hope she will be held accountable for her threats to others.

If anyone else has received similar messages (and we know at least two others have), we urge you to send copies to Kyle Brown of the Colbert County District Attorney's office. He can instruct you in the best way to file charges. Tetter Welch needs help, but she won't get it unless she's held accountable.


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  1. I'm a pretty open minded, tolerant guy, but this girl doesn't need to be on the street. It's amazing that people put threats like this in writing.