Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two Lovely House Guests: Liles & Surratt

Not every girl is lucky enough to have a date for Valentine's Day. Florence Police made sure Tabitha Dawn Liles (pictured) had holiday companionship when they arrested her on February 14th for Failure to Appear. Apparently she was a fun date, and the city's finest again asked Tabitha out for May Day festivities.

The 29 year-old East Florence resident was arrested Monday for kicking her three year-old son in the chest. If her son is lucky, maybe she won't be out by Mother's Day. Kudos to the family Liles was visiting for alerting police to her abusive nature.


Another house guest was recently arrested. Gerald Winston Surratt Jr. was apprehended by Florence police after a young woman accused him of entering her locked bedroom at a Sheffield apartment complex where he was a guest and sexually assaulting her.

Our sources say that Surratt has contacts in property management and has access to keys and floor plans of various rental properties in Florence and the surrounding area. Surratt, who had been drinking at the time of the alleged assault, has a record of DUIs. Instead of driving school, wouldn't Gerald Surratt have been better served, not to mention the public, by a stretch in rehab?


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