Friday, May 11, 2012

Tim Kent's Civil War Tales/Pants on the Ground?

Author Tim Kent

Last December, apparently in a Christmas rush, we mentioned Tim Kent's Civil War Blog but failed to provide a permanent link. We're correcting that oversight today, as well as suggesting you invest in his novels--a must for any Civil War aficionado.

This link will get you started; it has a short excerpt from Die Like Men. Enjoy!


Want to purchase Die Like Men, or Never Smile Again by Tim Kent? Here's the link to a fantastic local publishing house. Bluewater Publications is only a little over ten years old, but it's already made a national impact. We're sure you'll find something for every taste.


The cities of Sheffield and Tuscumbia care how you dress, specifically how you guys wear your pants. In fairness, the law applies to ladies as well, but they seem to exercise somewhat better judgment in sartorial matters. So...was the law really necessary or could these cities better serve the public by addressing more serious economic and health issues? We have a two-week poll posted in the sidebar. Vote, but also feel free to comment here or via e-mail.


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