Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sex Offender Registry & Notification Act (SORNA)

SORNA stands for the Sex Offender Registry Notification Act (SORNA). SORNA uses a three tiered-system; Alabama currently has only one level, not distinguishing between the youth who committed Second Degree (Statutory) Rape and the mature male who raped and sodomized children.

SORNA was created in 2006 as part of the Adam Walsh Act and was designed to be used in all 50 states and territories. So far, Alabama has not implemented the Act, but can expect to lose Federal dollars if it does not by a stated deadline. This deadline has already been extended twice for all states and may be extended again. Eventually, SORNA will replace most of the current registry laws in Alabama...and indeed every state.

Where does a convicted First Degree Rapist fit in SORNA? One convicted of First Degree Rape is automatically entered into the highest tier--Tier III. Specifically for:"engaging in a sexual act with another by force or threat."

So what of the convicted rapist who said " it('s) different in other states (than Alabama) because other states have a three-tiered assessment that classifies offenders?" We're not sure whom this individual was trying to convince, but when SORNA is finally implemented in Alabama, he will be placed in Tier III.

Tomorrow: A look at Tennessee and Florida


If you missed it, it seems Autumn Marie Wood will not be getting youthful offender status:


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