Saturday, May 19, 2012

Republican? Thanks for the Compliment!

We can't speak for everyone who writes for this blog, but we have never made any secret of having Republican leanings. That doesn't mean we don't vote for a Democrat from time to time, so perhaps we are technically Independent. We once called ourselves conservative, but considering the utter nut cases out there, we now prefer the term moderate.

Someone who became a "fan" of our blog during our coverage of the Amanda Taylor murder has apparently been very surprised at our moderate stance...which she seems to find very anti-Democrat. In her words: Start (to help her stepbrother Roger Bedford) by not reading any blogs by the blogger "Shoalanda Speaks" shes (sic) an apparent Republican..... poor journalism!!

First we don't consider ourselves to be engaged in journalism, except peripherally. We comment on current events and we do try to provide salient details of stories the TimesDaily overlooks. Even so, we believe Republicans can be as proficient journalists as Democrats. 


One sore point with our aforementioned critic was our statement that Roger Bedford has no ties to Florence. After all, she said, his wife is from Florence. Yes, she is, but...

Where does Roger Bedford live?
Where does Roger Bedford work?
Where does Roger Bedford go to church?
Where does Roger Bedford get his dry cleaning done?
Where does Roger Bedford buy his gasoline?
Where does Roger Bedford get his hair cut?

Hint: The answer isn't Florence. Voters in East Limestone and portions of Madison may also ask the same of Tammy Irons. What are her ties to those areas? Bedford or Irons may be elected and work very well for the areas they will represent, but they do not have real ties to those areas. Obviously, neither Bedford nor Irons is responsible for the redistricting debacle. Republican leanings or no, we say there had to have been a better way.

A point to ponder: What do Democrats do? If you make $250,000.00 a year, they would love to take $125,000.00 to give to those who don't work. Well, you say, that isn't too bad. Okay, but if you make $25,000.00 a year, they would also love to take $12,500.00 to give to those who don't work. Oh, wait, you say, now that's hitting home. Yes, it is.



  1. I think some folks are confused about what a blog actually is...
    Shoalanda Speaks is a blog, (a shortened form of the term “Weblog”) an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author. It's not an online news source, it shouldn't be confused with "journalism." It is simply the opinions of the writers.

    I read the Bedford post, but I didn't see any bashing of the senator. I have no clue what the girl is ranting about, but she makes it appear that RB has over-emotional, high strung folks in his family.

    Perhaps yet another case of "If you don't agree with me, I'm going to yell and scream and talk bad about you."

    1. The Brown Recluse's blog is extremely interesting--only sometimes I'm not sure who is getting the benefit of her worthy advice... That's okay, I think there's something good in there for everyone.

  2. My family has known Roger and his family and the Darby family (his wife's side) my whole life. I think the Darby's are really the only connection he has to Florence. Bedford is all Russellville. Don't let anyone tell you different.