Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Real Gerald Winston Surratt Jr./UNA Robber

Gerald W. Surratt Jr.
Yea that for sure is his father... The pictures posted by WAAY 31 and Times Daily are correct...Dont know how Colbert County screwed that up... but I lived with "Jerry" for the past 10 months.. I have been having a bad gut feeling about him for the past few months, but was a little shocked to find out what he had actually been doing...  Posted by Katie

The above quote was taken from our comments. Actually, the photo of Mr. Surratt Sr. who died in 2004 was issued in error by Sheffield City Police, not Colbert County. We don't know how the mistake was made, but we are happy to publish a photo of the real Gerrald Winston Surratt Jr.

Also, we have checked with other Sheffield sources, and Surratt is still incarcerated in their city jail and is under investigation for other crimes. He is being held for an alleged intruder type sexual attack that occurred in the city. We have not published comments from Surratt's family due to the language involved. We are happy to look into this further, but suggest the family contacts the City of Sheffield as to the error.


We've been asked to publish the artist's sketch of the suspect in an abduction/robbery that occurred recently on the UNA campus. Readers who have contacted us have feared the suspect's crime was cut short in some manner and his victim was lucky to escape.

We have no new information on the investigation into the robbery, but do know that all local law enforcement agencies are working together in piecing together the robber's crimes and bringing him to justice.

Again, we ask all UNA students/employees to be alert and carry any legal means of self-defense. If you're in doubt as to what is legal, contact UNA security or Florence City Police. If the robber/abductor is still free, his crimes may escalate.


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