Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Can Dr. Diana McCutcheon Expect?

The formal announcement that Dr. Diana K. McCutcheon had been indicted for Medicare and other insurance fraud came as no surprise to many in Lexington or the surrounding communities in Lauderdale County. From physicians to Nurse Practitioners to laser by one they had left McCutcheon's practice over the past few years, citing differences in vision...or sometimes worse.

The question on everyone's lips today is what can McCutcheon expect should she be convicted. Obviously no two judges will think alike on such matters, but we can look at others who have faced similar charges. Most over billing accusations have been leveled at hospitals, but a few have been lobbed at physicians. A doctor in Virginia served 18 months for fraud that occurred over a two year period from 2005 to 2007. Is this indicative of what McCutcheon might expect?

The second concern is repayment and fines. How hard pressed will McCutcheon be to repay 1.3 million? That figure may seem inconsequential compared to fines that are often levied against those convicted--not to mention the loss of her medical license. The aforementioned doctor in Virginia was forced to sit a second time for his medical exam, something those who have been in practice for many years do not find easy.

Others are asking what the Elgin-Lexington communities will do if they are deprived of a physician. Sadly, most insurance will not allow them to drive to Tennessee. Look for Rogersville and Florence physicians to pick up a number of patients...

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Many thanks to Larry for taking the time to come back home to personally autograph these fantastic volumes. Thanks also to Debra for her tireless efforts in helping compile these wonderful memories.


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  1. yikes, my last name is McCutcheon too, hope folks don't think we're related lol.