Friday, May 25, 2012

Misguided at Best: Two Prime Examples

Should your springs be dispersed abroad, Streams of water in the streets? Let them be yours alone And not for strangers with you. Proverbs 5:16-17 *

John Doe is quietly shopping in a big box store. From the next aisle, hidden from his view, he hears a man speaking on a cell phone. He's not intentionally eavesdropping, but he's close enough that it's impossible not to hear. The other shopper has had business problems, and no solutions have so far worked. The only option he feels left to him is the murder of the owner of Acme Widgets, his chief competitor. John Doe peers around the corner and sees a man wearing a polo shirt inscribed with his name and the name of his business. Is this some joke Joe Bleau is playing on unsuspecting shoppers? What does John do?

Meanwhile in an alternate reality, John Doe is leaving the big box store when he runs into his friend and neighbor Joe Bleau. Joe tells John he's having business problems and is planning to murder his chief competitor. What does this John do?

We're betting the two Johns acted completely differently. The John in the first scenario probably called the police, while the second John probably attempted to persuade his friend to reconsider. If his friend went ahead with his nefarious plan, we're betting John testified that Joe had been under so much pressure he no longer knew right from wrong. Which John acted in the best interest of society?

The moral of the tale is that friends and family either cannot or choose not to see the faults of those closest to them. This is natural. This is also why friends and family of the accused are not allowed to sit on his/her jury.

We have the deepest sympathy for those whose children have chosen a wrong path and have disappointed them. That does not mean we will defend those children. Neither does it mean we will overlook the crimes of these children as long as their family continues to spout vicious and hateful words against the innocent they irrationally feel have wronged them.

As long as these people maintain their Facebook pages claiming ownership to a child that is not theirs, we will continue to post arrests, trials, and sentences. This is not dredging up old news. They manage to keep the news quite current all by themselves.

* This scripture reference, although from the Old Testament, holds a valuable truth for us today. If a man fathers children with someone to whom he isn't married, he can't expect to have any role in their upbringing.


While Bailey was filling in for us, she commented that Laquania Welch Weems no longer had a Facebook page. A friend of Laquania has sent us a link to a private page belonging to Weems, mother of confessed murderer Ron Wikkid Weems. Here's the photo she is currently using (Oh, and someone please buy the poor woman a blouse).

Neighbors say that Laquania has had medical problems, but is still maintaining custody of Ron's child with Laurel Pruett. It was revealing to read on Laquania's social media site that she and Ron moved from Leighton to Muscle Shoals in order to shelter Ron's three children from violence. Somehow we feel they failed.


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