Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Surprising Poll & A Local Villain

When we initiated our "Pants on the Ground" poll, we hadn't even an inkling how the vote would turn out. It seems the vast majority of the 142 who took time to vote were in favor of the local legislation. The results were as follows:

Yes, we need the laws: 102 votes for 72% of ballots cast
No, we don't need the laws: 28 votes for 20% of ballots cast
Who cares: 12 votes for 8% of ballots cast

If you know of anyone who's been cautioned under this law, e-mail us the story. Have pictures? Even better. Lookin' like the fool with their pants on the ground...


A local villain? Surely there are no villains in the Shoals. Unfortunately, this area is no different from other parts of the country.

Less than a week ago we became aware of a Colbert County resident making threats concerning a local murder investigation. While we had heard gossip of such for the many months the story had been unfolding, this was the first hard evidence we had seen.

Now a local resident is wanted for harassment in connection with these threats. The person has yet to be apprehended as we write this. Monday we'll have a complete account of these extremely unsettling events.


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