Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bailey's Message to a Battered Woman

Dear Battered Woman:

I've never met you and I've never been a battered woman. If you want to stop reading now, feel free, but I just may have something to say that will help you.

I don't know how you became involved with him, but that doesn't matter now. You had him arrested, but then dropped the charges because...well, he begged, he threatened, his family begged, his family threatened. Now he's out of jail and threatening you again.

You can't change the past, so you have to deal with the present. Re-file the charges if you can. Press new charges when he accosts you again. Get a restraining order--Protection From Abuse. Get an alarm system. Yes, they're expensive, but you don't have much choice. You'll feel safer and be safer. Make the local alarm company aware that you have a stalker.

If you have evidence in the form of letters or photographs, store them in a safety deposit box or with a friend or attorney. Make sure he knows others know and nothing had better happen to you if he values the rest of his life. Make sure your employers are aware of who he is and what he's threatened. Who knows? They may have contacts that will assure he's arrested and tried if he pulls something with you at work.

Get a stun gun--they're fairly cheap now. Get a "real" gun if you can stomach it. Take lessons on how to use it. Now that you feel fairly safe, join a support group and see what others like you have gone through in the past. You're not the only one.

Now you want to say, "Yes, but you don't know..." What I do know is your situation won't change until you do. His family? They can threaten all they want. They won't do anything. If they do, have them arrested too. Him? He's 90% bluff. The law knows about him. He doesn't want to go back to jail. The law can do only so much if you won't or don't follow through.

It won't take him long to see that you're mad as **** and won't take it any more. Fortunately for you and unfortunately for the unlucky person, he'll find a replacement for you very soon.

A man (or woman) can only bully when he/she has someone who allows it. Don't ever allow it again.

Since Shoalanda is taking the day off, I'm going to use my bailiwick to comment on another subject...

So you want to bring the rest of the Shoals up to your "moral standards?" Nothing wrong with that if you really have any.  I suggest first you stop stealing from Shutter Stock if you want others to think you have any sense of morality.



  1. I too saw the Shutter Stock logo on the pic,.... I guess it is ok for them to steal.

  2. Is that the site that states pornography addiction is analogous to "heroine?"

  3. Phyllis White Gooch has created a site about porn? That coming from a woman married to a rapist? A woman whose kid is sitting in jail? LMAO

    1. In case any readers should wonder if we published a libelous statement, we checked, and the anti-porn blog's creator's son is currently incarcerated. We will note that Gooch's husband is technically a "convicted rapist" having served 20 years for the crime. He maintains his innocence; however, much of his rhetoric has been proved false. (What does Shoalanda hate? Men who abuse women.)