Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Tuscumbian: Tuscumbia History At Its Best

Live in Tuscumbia? Just love local history? Then we have a great new blog for you. Actually, it's our friend Mary Carton who's responsible for the blog, and she's requesting submissions. If you would like to write for the blog, contact her at: marycar53@gmail.com

Their first post has been penned by Tuscumbia historian Jim Smith. Enjoy...


The following responses, updated periodically, are in answer to state senator Tammy Irons' remark published 5/12/12: Several weeks ago, I was told by a member of the reapportionment committee* that they would draw me a great district to be elected as a Republican.

Gerald Dial: If someone told her that, they drank too much or smoked too much. (Awaiting follow-up)

Cam Ward: I just have not heard of any such bribe or conversation. The first I read about it was in the newspaper. Maybe she did have the conversation but it is not something I heard.

Clay Scofield: You can be assured that it was not I who offered Tammy Irons a "Republican district" if she switched parties.

Trip Pittman: You can rest assured that I will give your e-mail the serious consideration it deserves. (Awaiting follow-up)

* Nine Republican senators - We've contacted each of them concerning this accusation. We currently have four replies and are awaiting initial answers from the remaining five.


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