Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Undercover & Out of Control/New Poll

Holly Ann Shempert was an undercover informant for the City of Sheffield. Now she faces not only drug charges, but the charge of First Degree Theft for going AWOL with the authorities' 3.5K listening device.

Sheffield Police stated she apparently couldn't resist the crack cocaine once she was inside the location to make the buy. A quick check shows Shempert with drug arrests in the Jacksonville, Florida, area over the last ten years.

Obviously that's the problem. Sheffield Police should have known they can't trust those big city druggies. It's only the local crack heads that have any integrity...or understand the proper use of tweezers.


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Mine eyes have seen the gory of the coming of the store; Walmart is marching on...


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  1. I knew we would get the Walmart. Seems like Walmart is just bigger than concerned citizens.